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Nintendo 64

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - screenshot by GriBBsY

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64 US Import) - From the moment you power on, this title grabs and just won't let go. It's a hybrid of RPG and 3d platformer in a totally cute but believable environment. It's estimated that there's 60 hours of gameplay before you'll finish it and more if you get involved in any of the brilliant sub-games. Graphics are the best yet on N64, screenshots just can't do the game justice. If you own an N64 get this now, if not you should consider buying one just to play this. Simply awesome, thanks Miyamoto san.



Fifa 99 - screenshot from

Fifa 99 (Playstation) - Now in it's n'th incarnation. This series has come a long way since the Megadrive/Genesis original from 1993. Analog controls and some new moves make this nearly as playable (but not as realistic) as ISS Pro on the N64. Commentary is mainly by John Motson, but his co-commentator Chris Waddle is far more entertaining purely because he sounds so bad (I reckon he wrote his own script). Entertaining in single player but comes into its own multiplayer after an evening down the pub.

Metal Gear Solid by Konami - screenshot from

Metal Gear Solid (Playstation US Import) - This doesn't fall into any particular genre category. You play the role of an special agent whose job is to stealthily infiltrate a terrorist organisation. The game engine uses a clever mix of 2d top down and 3d first person views and switches between them flawlessly. A fiddly control system initially hinders a great title. Now on general release in the UK.



RollerCoaster Tycoon by Microprose

RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC) - Chris Sawyer, the creator of Transport Tycoon, produces another excellent business sim/strategy game. Without a doubt he was heavily influenced by Bullfrog's Theme Park, but this is far more detailed in terms of both graphics and gameplay. You can now design your 'Coasters from scratch - building each incline and loop piece by piece. The only thing missing is the chance to ride your stomach churning creations is first person mode. Looks like you'll have to wait for Bullfrog's Theme Park 2, due later this year, for that.

Tomb Raider III by Core Design

Tomb Raider III (PC) - Essentially it's more of the same. A slightly tweaked graphics engine helps improve the visuals over the earlier games - additions include new fogging and lighting effects. It's extremely tough - some of the London levels will take hours and hours to complete. The new crawling and monkey-swing moves mean more places to access and look for. If you liked the original and it's sequel then you won't be disappointed. Wickedvision and Eyescream users will love the 3d effect in this title. I've finally completed it with a total game time just under 24hours not including saves. Great value for money.

Heretic II by Raven Software

Heretic II (PC) - Yet another Quake 2 engine license. This is the latest in the range of Heretic and Hexen fantasy games. The main difference here is the action takes place from the third person perspective allowing movement and puzzles more akin to that of  Tomb Raider. An impressive arsenal, mesmerising lighting effects and engaging plot will keep you playing. Check it out if you've finished Half-Life.

Sin by Ritual Entertainment

SiN (PC) - The Quake 2 engine has been combined with interactive environments and clever level scripting to produce the one of the best FPS' I've played in a while. Make sure you get hold of the 1.01 patch or the loading times will drive you mad - send your name and address here if you are in Europe. Internet play on a modem is superb apart from some levels which induce lag. On a LAN this really rocks. Highly recommended.


GLDoom (PC) - id Software's seminal title Doom gets a revival thanks to Bruce Lewis' Open GL port. All the playability of the original with a superb graphical overhaul that utilizes your 3d card (providing it is Open GL compatible). It's still only a beta version, so there's a few bugs. If you own the original or the sequel then download this now and play them through again. If you don't own the original - you can pick it up with Doom II and the master levels for under 10 in the shops. For more information on GLDoom go here. You can still download the original Doom shareware here.

Half-Life by Valve Software

Half-Life (PC) - Yet another first person shooter. However this one's a bit special. Using a hybrid of Quake and Quake 2 engines it's graphically impressive but it's also got fantastic gameplay. From the outcome you as a player are totally immersed into a new world. I don't want to spoil the plot for you. Just go buy it now, you will understand. If you've already got it then make sure you take a look at Reverend's tweaks here.