BobFat's Attacking Strategies For...
Starsiege: Tribes by Dynamix / Sierra


Your attacking strategy depends on the map that you play as to how you begin your attack. On some of the more commonly played maps I find the following strategy quite useful:

1. Pair up with another player, preferably using Roger Wilco as a communication tool so you can actually speak to one another via a
microphone while you are playing. This immediately saves a lot of time on those key presses talking to each other in game by typing. Those valuable seconds saved could mean the difference between a capture and a mortar death :-)

2. Assist the defenders in getting base defense up and running.. a couple of minutes will do to get a couple of turrets and some pulse and motion sensors down. Getting these sensors down widen your overall sensor network and all turrets will be able to see the whole sensor network giving them that extra edge.

3. One of you now goes medium armour and the other one goes light. The light has a sensor jammer pack and the medium has a deployable inventory station. Head on out into the battle field taking a wide berth to the enemy base making sure the light armour player has activated his sensor jammer. This effectively removes you from the enemies command map while in transit, so they do not see you sneaking up.

4. Deploy the inventory station a little way off their base to the left or right, then log into it and get a deployable sensor jammer. Whack it down. Get a few more so that you can deploy a nice jammed area - see the command view with sensor areas highlighted (Press C then click on radar icon). The odd turret and motion/pulse sensor can be handy too. Now you have a nice staging area to launch attacks onto their base, and if under the sensor jamming network you are not seen on the enemies command map and the enemy doesn't see a red triangle on top of your head.

5. Tell others on the team about this little base then start attacking their base with whatever you got. The Pulse gun when used by two players at the same time on a turret soon takes it out. - dont forget to zoom into the target for those accurate shots you need to place.

6. If you die, arm up back at base, and carry another deployable inventory station over to the staging area. More than one is always useful. Once some of the enemy turrets are out 3 or 4 should then rush the base, as lights with repair packs, and get that enemy flag back home.

Command map

The Command view of a mini base located in the hills nearby the enemy base. The mini base is undetectable thru the use of sensor jammers (yellow circles). Motion sensors (blue circles) monitor for enemy movement in the area whilst deployable turrets await those that stray too near.


Other useful titbits.

Base turrets have their own shield which regenerates. If you try to shoot it with anything other than a mortar you have got no chance, but with two of you using pulse guns, it should not take much to destroy it.

Take out the enemies sensor network - whenever they press C they would not be able to see any of your team on the map.

If the base is designed such that you can quite easily get to their generators, then do so and take them out. This serves 2 purposes. Firstly the enemy can no longer use their inventory stations or purchase any vehicles or access any turrets to use manually. They will have to make it their priority to get their generators or solar collectors
back on-line as soon as possible. Secondly, all their base defense goes down including the shields on base turrets and radar. Take this opportunity to take everything out, and I mean Everything !!!

If you take a LPC or HPC out make sure you have a light armour onboard who has a sensor jammer pack and make sure he activates it before going on board. The enemy then won't see you on the command map with five players bunched together, ie. not obvious what is coming.

An HPC packed with Heavys carrying Mortars and Repair Packs can be devastating. 2 Heavies rain mortar hell on the enemy whilst the other 2 repair the HPC and all on board. It takes a lot of enemy fire to knock this out of the sky.

On certain maps the flag is not very well guarded by base turrets etc. If you know these maps, (try starting your own server and have a look see at all the maps), then a couple of you should just rush for the flag. Hopefully you will catch the enemy off guard and get a capture in really really early :-)) Thats gotta hurt em.

If you manage to get 3 or 4 of you on a server teaming well then put it to good use. 2 go in with medium/light armour and draw some of the enemies attention away, DO NOT go for the flag. Another 2 lights follow up, (remember to carry them repair packs for the getaway with the flag), sneak in and grab that flag.... then LEG IT.

How about taking an HPC with a light driver, 3 heavies (1 repairing and 2 mortaring), and another light. This last light armour jumps out, grabs the flag, jumps back in, and they all fly off and live happily ever after :-). one of the heavies can then just keep a repair on the light carrying the enemy flag. This is particularly useful on those maps where the flag is easily accessible, ie outside the main base area ! The mortaring also damages the enemy base and keeps them occupied repairing so that you can do it
all over again :-)

What do you do when you are losing though, what the hell do you think, ATTACK. How many times have I been on a server and someone shouts, 'We need more defense!' but your already 4 captures down. Leave a heavy defending with his mortar and the rest of you sort your lives out and attack. 6 or 7 attackers on an enemy base will keep all of them occupied defending, besides, they are 3 captures up and need only defend anyway. Continually plugging away on the attack soon finds weaknesses in their
defense and it should then be quite easy to get that score line level again.

Thats all from BobFat for now, besides, I am not going to throw away all my tactics.