ECTS 97 / 98

The European Computer Trade Show took place at Olympia Exhibition Centre last September. There's plenty of places to go to read reviews of some of the software on show. Myself and Neil (aka BobFat) spent the Monday browsing this year's releases. On Tuesday we went armed with a camera on a slightly different mission.

This was surely the most popular stand at the show. Take a look at the pics and I'm sure you'll understand why. Games on show included Tomb Raider 2 and Daikatana.
Jo Guest and Kirsten Imrie These two weren't heavily publicised this year. Jo and Kirsten only appeared on Tuesday outside a small stand upstairs. Advertising some pool game I think.
Other Publishers Other publishers includes: Codemasters, Konami, Sony and Virgin.
Lara Croft Lara, real name Rhona Mitra, certainly drew the biggest crowds of the show. But then she did have the biggest assets.
Best of the Rest Does exactly what it says on the tin...