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Starsiege: Tribes

How The Game Works

For this article I'm going to cover the basics of a 'Capture The Flag' game. Most of the UK servers are running CTF right now, so that's all I've had to practice on. Most of the strategies here are useful for the other game types as well. Anybody who's played Quake or Quake 2 CTF will be familiar with the scenario. Two teams, each with their own base. Each team has a flag positioned somewhere within their base. The objective is to penetrate the enemy base, collect their flag, then return it home and touch it with your own team's flag. Here endeth the similarity with Quake CTF.

In Tribes, a lone player has absolutely no chance of getting in and out of an enemy base on their own. Good teamwork is the order of the day. A strong attacking force is useless without a good defence. A fast lightly armoured attack force has very little chance againsta well defended base. With the right combination of defence, attack and the various types of armours your team will stand a chance. There's no place for the lone hero in this game.


Your First Game Online

Fire up your internet connection, and start up the game. If you fancy a chat with some other players first, then Tribes has it's own IRC client. Here you can arrange games and ask questions. Most people will be happy to help you out. This is a far better place to discuss tactics than on a server during a game.

UK and Australian players should ensure they have selected their respective master server under Network Options. That way you'll only be refreshing the servers local to you (and not 500 servers in the US that you'll never use).

To connect to a server select 'Join Multiplayer'. You'll then be presented with a list of servers to choose from. Pick a server with the low ping that has room for another player. Then click 'Join'. All things being well and the game will load up. Depending on how the server is set up, you will either be automatically assigned a team or allowed to choose. Beware that if you are assigned a team automatically, you still have the opportunity to change teams. If you then go on to decide to choose a team the server will display a message to other players that you have swapped teams - get ready for a flaming (it happened to me once). The rule is: let the server decide and don't change it. If for any reason you want to change teams later on (usually if the teams are unfair), you can do so by hitting the 'Tab' key. This screen also acts as a scoreboard and gives you the option to vote in certain circumstances (changing map, kicking players etc).

Now your in the game it's time to get acclimatised. With any luck you'll be on a map that you've already played on your own. If not, then you've got some learning to do. Hitting the 'C' button brings up an overhead map of the level. Try and work out where the key items are on the map - flags, inventory stations, power etc. Use the 'Z' key to zoom in if necessary. Go back to first person perspective (press 'C' again) and have a look around. Use the compass in the top right to get your bearings. Next thing is to try and work out what your team's strategy is (if any). On a public server it's unlikely that anyone will try and command your team (would you want to look at a 2d map after lashing out all that cash on a Voodoo 2 powered PC?), so you'll probably have to decide your own strategy from what others are doing around you.

For your first few games it's best to play in a defensive role. This way you can learn the maps, the weapons and hopefully you'll die less. To play attack you have to know the maps. For the time being, leave that to somebody who knows what they're doing.


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