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Starsiege: Tribes

General Tips

Jump before using the Jetpack. If you're wearing Medium or Heavy armour you'll find it's hard to get off the ground. In maps with floating bases this can be a major pain in the arse. If you jump (spacebar is default) then apply the jetpack while you are still rising, you will find that you can achieve a lot more height.

If an Inventory Station reports it is disabled, then its likely the enemy have taken out your power. Get a repair pack and fix your energy source - either a generator or solar panels.

Always carry a Repair Kit. Not the same thing as a Repair Pack. This smaller and lighter item will give you a quick health boost when you most need it. Activate by hitting the default 'H' key.

Consider remapping the 'use pack' key (default 'P' key) to somewhere nearer your left hand. That way you don't have to move your hand or look down at the keyboard. It will save you some precious seconds. I have it remapped to left-shift.

Try and pair up with another player on your team and help each other out. Using a voice comm program like Roger Wilco really helps too.

If you're being chased and need some help getting away, run backwards and toss out a few mines (Default 'M' key) or grenades (Default 'G' key) into your opponent's path.

There is one chatmenu player animation of some use. The kneel animation (VAZ) makes you about half the height of normal (much smaller than crouching). This makes it perfect for sniping when there's nothing to hide behind.

Remember you can only carry one backpack at a time. The quick way to check what's weighing you down, is switch perspectives to third person view (default 'R' key) and learn what the different packs look like. If you pick up a pack accidentally, you can drop it again using Ctrl-P.

If for any reason you need to suicide it's on Ctrl-K by default. Please use it if your mouse stops working and you're using the only inventory station on the map (I've seen this happen).

Some of the newer CTF maps include additional objectives to flag capturing. If you're playing a map you've never seen before, check the Objectives screen (Default 'O' key). For example on 'The Damned' you'll get 3 points for holding the Dam at the end of the game (could be far easier than 3 flag captures).

If you are suffering from laggy gameplay - hit the 'TAB' key. It will bring up a list of players on the server plus your current ping and packet loss. Packet loss should ideally be zero. If it's not, your game is going to suffer - check your comms settings and try another ISP if necessary. Users of 56k modems may want to try connecting at 33.6k, you'll probably find it a lot more stable. You'll need to check your modem's AT strings for the right command to do this. On my Pace I use +MS=11,0 in advanced modem properties.

Ensure you are running the latest version of the game. Dynamix have released serveral updates with bug-fixes and enhancements. The current version is 1.11 you can download it from Tribesplayers.


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