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Tribes Related Sites
Tribal War - Excellent news and resource site for all things Tribes.
Planet Tribes - Formerly Planet Starsiege, check it out.
Tribes at Barrysworld - Tribes info from the UK's premier gaming service
Tribes Nation - Tribes from a European perspective

Tribes Guides
S.A.S's Guide to Tribes - Everything you need to know about playing Tribes

Tribes Scripting
PrestoPack - A must have customization to your Tribes install
Writer's - Essential addon scripts
Crunchy's Scripts - Some excellent utilities


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1. Introduction, What you should do first
2. How the game works, your first game online
3. Going defence
4. Other things a newbie should know
5. General Tips
6. Resources



Thanks go to everyone who supplied input to this in the newsgroup. Particularly those who responded to the 'What annoys you about newbie Tribesmen' thread. I'd also like to thank all the early adopters to Tribes in the UK (Tribe McMental, Head Hunters et al) - without you this guide would never have been written. Not forgetting Barrysworld for having servers online months before the Euro release. If you would like to read the original version of this guide, complete with graphics and additional info, please follow this link.



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