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Going Defence

If you're on a server with a bunch of newbies then you can bet that they've all gone running out to capture the flag on their own. They won't make it (unless the opposition are really bad). In the mean time the enemy has all the time in the world to blow your base into smithereens and capture your flag. Defence is never the most exciting job in the world, and can reap few rewards. However, an experienced player will acknowledge the great job you are doing for the rest of the team - and hopefully give you some encouragement.

The first thing you should consider doing on defence is laying turrets. How to accomplish this is the most frequently asked newbie question - readthis and don't forget it! To lay a turret you need to purchase a turret from an inventory station. Adding it to one of you favourite setups is a good idea. You can only carry a turret if you are wearing medium or heavy armour. Then find a suitable place to lay it. Preferably choose somewhere that it will catch an enemy intruder by surprise - eg. in a shadowed area or behind an object.

Deployable turrets are easy to destroy from a distance (with the aid of the zoom), so the less obvious you make them the better. Once you've found your chosen area, look down at the ground at about a 45 degree angle then hit the 'P' key. If it doesn't work, read the message bar. If a message reads 'Deploy Position Out Of Range' you need to look down a little more. If the message reads 'You're in The Way' then it's because you're pointing at your feet - look up a little. If it still won't go down, remember there's a limit to the amount of turrets a team can lay, and you can't place them too close to each other - the message bar will let you know if either of these happens. Run back to the inventory station and pick up another turret. Do the same again until you've exhausted the amount of turrets you can put down.

To maximise the capabilities of your turrets, it's also a good idea to lay motion sensors nearby. Otherwise an enemy equipped with a jammer pack can walk straight by your turret network without a shot being fired. Motion sensor's are laid in the same way as turrets. However, they can be carried by all armour classes.

With turrets down your base is a lot safer. They'll defend you well against lightly armoured units running in for a quick flag snatch but you'll need to use the rest of your arsenal to deal with the heavier enemy.

To identify who is on your team and who's an enemy, look at the coloured arrows above players heads. Green is your team and red is the enemy. If an arrow doesn't appear, then it's probably an enemy near to a sensor jammer or carrying a jammer pack - shoot the bast.

Consider sniping with the laser rifle from a good vantage point - this way you can pick off enemies from afar. Alternatively go heavy and arm yourself with a mortar gun - this has a good range and large blast radius but is tricky to aim with at first. Note: It's not a good idea to use the mortar gun for this purpose if team damage is on, your teammates will accuse you of being a TK'er (Team Killer) and you'll probably, quite rightly, get kicked off the server.

Another important job of the defence is to repair your base. To repair you can either buy a Repair Pack from an Inventory Station or pick one up from nearby your base (there is usually one nearby). Once you have it, hit the 'P' key, the repair gun should appear. Now you can stand in front of damaged items and pressing the fire button will restore them to their former glory. If the opposing team has taken out your power supply then this should be your first priority for repair (none of the other structures work without it). Remember you can repair your teammates with the repair pack in the same way, and also, if nothing is in range, you can repair yourself. If somebody repairs you then remember to say thanks (VET).

Obviously the biggest job of a defender in a CTF game is to protect the flag at all costs. Keep an eye on the message bar for any indication that your flag is under threat or has been taken. If the enemy as has gotten out with the flag then get after them. Consider suicide with a heavy weapon if you can take the flag carrier out with you - the chances are you will respawn nearer the flag than he does, and can return it back to base.

That's it for the basics on defence. With time you'll acquire your own strategies and adjust how you play according to what your teammates are up to. When you know the maps and how to use the weapons then think about helping out in attack.

I personally prefer to play a defensive role, always did on Quake / Quake 2 - it's far less strenuous on the old ticker.


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