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Wendy Allen
Benny the ball (Top Cat)
Girl in CINE5 advert (See MEC's dodgy Turkish Magazine)

Rob Andrews with glasses
Cuthbert Cringeworthy (swot in The Bash Street Kids)

Rob Andrews without glasses
Neil Barnes of Leftfield (see photo on page 5 of NME 9th March 1996)

Chris Austen
Richard O'Brien
Dhalsim (Street Fighter II)
Jasper Carrot

dentist.gif (2967 bytes)
The Mad Dentist (Toe Jam and Earl)
Ted's Dad (Bill and Ted's excellent adventure)
Rufus (Bill and Ted's excellent adventure)
John Cleese (without moustache and beard)
Road Runner (mannerisms only)
The man in the Mr. Muscle ad.
Odo - The Shape Shifter
Frank Williams

Pete Aylen
Brian Little (Former Aston Villa manager)

Paul Ayling
Damon Hill
Munch (detective with glasses in Homicide: Life On The Street)

Elaine Bailey
Barbara Bosson (Actress who played Fay Furillo in Hill Street Blues)

Allan Ballinger
DS Don Beech (The Bill)

Helen Banner (of Banner Associates used by Mobil for PC training)
Gwizin (Mehmet's wife in Eastenders)

Adrian Barker
Mr. Bean
Ian Beale (Eastenders)
Dennis Irwin (Man Utd.)
John Parrot (Scouse snooker ace)
Phil Thomas (Daily Mirror Sports Correspondent)
Noel Gallagher (Oasis guitarist - mainly on eyebrows)
Member of Saturn Daytona USA programming team (Bottom row, 2nd from left).
Murderer on Crimewatch (The Potato Knife Killer) 25/1/96

Dick Barton
Alvin Stardust (hair only)

Geoff Bartram
Winnie the Pooh
William Woolard (hair only - Tomorrow's World, Top Gear etc)

Chris Beck
Will'O the Wisp (BBC cartoon with voices by Kenneth Williams)
Gordon Banks (former England goalkeeper)

Dave Benn
Spectator in FIFA soccer (3DO version)
Tony Robinson (Baldrick)
Dudley Moore
Eric Idle
Neil Sedaka
Tosker (from Our Friends In The North epsiode 6 circa 1979 - Bee Gees era)

Bob (IBM Engineer)
Inspector Chisholm (early Minder series)

Steve Bowles
Norbert Colon (Viz)
John Redwood MP
King Lear (with beard)
Curtis Steigers (a pop star)
Steve Bould (Arsenal Defender)
Jez Nelson (Tomorrow's World Presenter)

Helen Breslin
Lily Savage
Goldilocks (from Goldilocks and the three bears)
Gail Tuesday (Spoof page 3 stunner)
Nessa Lockhead (Wheelchair bound Eldorado Star)
Dee Schneider (singer with American heavy metal band Twisted Sister)

Paul Brignall
Tom Berenger (in the movie Sniper)

Steve Brooksbank
A young Boris Kharloff

Ian Bygrave
Man in Sussex section of Fishing In The South (A Booklet issued by NRA)
Mr Soft in soft mints advert (but not all in white)
Walter Matthau (Is this how you spell it !! YES!)

Jim Campbell
Tango man
Samir Rasheed (Deidre's dead husband in Coronation Street)
Darren Gough (England & Yorkshire cricketer)
Ponch from Chips (when wearing shades and if he had a crash helmet on)
Uri Geller
Vinny Samways
Malcolm Meatball Head

Geoff Campion
Nigel Mansell
Graham Gooch
Mr Meaker (Rentaghost)

Nick Carter
Johnny Castaway
The cleaner
Zangief (Street Fighter II)
Bullet Baxter (Grange Hill)
Captain Haddock (Tintin's sidekick 'Billions of blue blistering barnacles')
Terry Waite
Willy Rushton
Brian Blessed

pavarotti05.jpg (2184 bytes)
Just about anyone with a beard
Scary bloke in the Terror Tomb ride at Chessington World of Adventures
Yoffy from early Fingerbobs
Chas (From Chas & Dave)
Zac Dingle (Emmerdale Farm)
Stuart Proud - EMC DASD engineer
Everyone at SWCC we met on fallback (They all had beards)
Bloke in Highway To Heaven (not Michael Landon?)
Bearded Sailor enemy in Rise of The Triad
David Blunkett MP
Irene Turners fiancee
Andy Evans
John Wilson (top TV angler - but not on angling ability though ha ha!)

Dick Cartwright
Mr.Bronson (French Teacher in Grange Hill)

Karl Chadwick
Grown up version of little boy in Gentle Ben TV show
Amanda Sheffield (swimmer second from left on back page of The Horses Mouth April 1996 Issue 4)

Derek Chandler
Captain Bird's Eye
Santa Claus
Gerald Durrell (ex. top conservationist and owner of Jersey Zoo)
Uncle Albert (Only Fools and Horses)
Richard Attenborough (Jurassic Park)
Uncle Jessie

Uncle Jessie (The Dukes of Hazzard)
Grizzly Addams
Ayatollah Khomeni
Stanley Webb (Fake doctor and bigamist in Eldorado)
Owen Oyston - Millionaire Rapist (Jailed for 6 years)
Ken Bates (chairman of Chelsea FC)

Tony Chapman
Joe Brown
Geoff from Eastenders (the guy who nearly married Michelle Fowler)

Leslie Chiemeka (for those who know him)
Frank Pembleton (Homicide: Life On The Street)
Steve Chilcott (used to work in COPs many years ago)
Picture of Periphonics man in COPs tour guide

Old Tape Contractor Chris
Rocky (From the film The Mask also starring Cher)

Geoff Clarke

obewan.jpg (2875 bytes)
Obe Wan Kenobe (Alec Guiness)
All the Bee Gees (put together as one person)
Yasser Arafat (If he wore a tea towel on his head)

Richard Claxton
Phil Mayes

Pete Collins
Richard Chamberlain as Dr Kildare
Bernhard Langer (not on golfing ability though)
Danny Kaye (musical/comedy actor etc.)
Max Headroom
Dennis Bergkamp
Beavis (Beavis and Butthead, MTV)

Paul Compton
Pike (Dad's army)

Alan Constable (if he had glasses)
Eric Morecambe

Corinne Cooper
Whoopi Goldberg
Phil Lynott (obviously you have to add a moustache)
Aretha Franklin (the early years)
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince
Barbara Windsor
Shirley Bassey
Pete Burns (Dead Or Alive see Corrine's swipecard photo)
Minnie Mouse
Lieutenant Uhuru (Star Trek)
Moira Stewart (BBC news caster)
Ruby Wax
Little Richard (ageing pop star)

Darren Cooper
Michael Stich (German Tennis Player)
Gary Rhodes (TV cook - when Darren used to have spiky hair!)

Sam Cooper
Hattie Jacques
Carol Vorderman (Countdown)
Carlos Valderrama (for her new haircut)
The Beast (character in the Playstation game 'Destruction Derby')

Martyn Court
Phil Mitchell (Eastenders)
Buster Bloodvessel (Bad Manners)
Colin Corleone (Glam metal detectives)
Ian Crawford
Alexei Sayle
Pie Face (Dennis the Menace's pal from The Beano)
Gazza (1991-1993, his Mars Bar period)
Herman Munster
Uncle Fester
Lloydy (Preston Front, 'it makes me laff')
Axle (3DO Road Rash Racer)
Kevin Humphries from Birkenhead - separated at birth
Colin Monk (English Darts Ace)
Jimmy Sommerville
George Doors from Shooting Stars (the man with the scores - he's just a great big baby - and George 'Santa Claus' Doors at Christmas)
The new look Terry Sullivan in Brookside
The current DCS engineer (when seen from the back so you can't see his tache!)
Les Wallace (Scottish darts professional)
Eddie Hitler (Bottom)
Geordie from Our Friends In The North (when Martyn used to have long hair a few years back)
Bob Mould - (from seminal American hardcore band Husker Du)

Richard Coward
Kenneth Clarke MP - Chancellor of the Exchequer
Matt Le Tissier
An older Ronnie O'Sullivan (sorry - not a scouse snooker player!)
Eric Bristow 'The Crafty Cockney' (professional darts player)

Richard Coward's sideburns
Harry H. Corbett (Steptoe and Son)
Noddy Holder (Slade obviously after their skinhead phase)

Tony Cox
Alain Robidoux (Snooker player)
Jeremy Beadle's beard
Dave (From Chas & Dave)
Mr Meaker (Rentaghost)
Timothy Claypole (Rentaghost)
A young Jimmy Hill
Mr Pink (Reservoir Dogs)

Simon Crowhurst
Carol Smillie
Bloke in Murphy's stout adverts
Alan Tracey (The blonde Tracey in Thunderbirds)
John Travolta
Anne Cheverton
The Riddlers (ITV kiddies show)
Sean Macguire (Eastenders)
Stephen Hendry
John (Miss Dabandando's temp replacement in NYPD Blue)
A young baboon
Nasalis Larvatus (proboscis monkey)
Timothy Claypole (Rentaghost)
A poofter
Damien (Home and Away)
Dale Winton (Pets win prizes) hair cut
Nic Heywood (Haircut 100)
Shaggy (Scooby Doo)
Jan-Michael Vincent (Star of Airwolf)
Chesney Hawkes
PC Goody (The Thin Blue Line BBC1 sitcom)
Everyone in Lunn Poly Maidstone (when he's on the phone)
Chris Packham (presenter of various TV wildlife shows including
'Birdwatch with Chris Packham' Meridian 18:30 Wednesdays)
Albert Steptoe (Steptoe And Son - 'AAARRROLD!')

Ray DCS Engineer
Terry Scott

Dave - full-time barman in Royal Oak
Rhys Wilmott (Crystal Palace sub goalkeeper)

Andrew Davis
Alex Higgins
Tony Lugard

Mike Davison
Kev's Dad
Colin Montgomery (Golfer)
Mark Cox (70s English Tennis player)
Michael Caine
Dr. Jonathan Miller (brain the size of a planet)
Mike Barrett (? used to present Nationwide)
Vic Reeves (but only vignette in 1993 MDSL annual review)

John Denyer
Malcolm the Gardner Merchant Cook

Doreen (old woman who used to work in tape room)
The Cowardly Lion (The Wizard Of Oz - the one with Judy Garland)
The mother in 'Throw Momma From the Train'
Kathleen Bates (Stephen King's - Misery)


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