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Dennis Veale
Victor Meldrew (One Foot In The Grave 'I don't believe it!')

Ron Vinall
Roland Rat

Richard Ward
A fat Jason Connery
A fat Jason Donovan
All fat blonde blokes called Jason
Mike Gregory (Unipart European Masters Darts Champion 1995)
Christopher Strauli (actor who played Norman Binns in Only When I Laugh and Bunny in Raffles)

Grant Waters
German POW from first world war
Eric Clapton (the unshaven look)
Ben Elton
Japanese Kamikaze Pilot (Tora Tora)

Al Watson
Michael Brunson (ITN chief political editor/reporter)
Tom Clancy (Author of Patriot Games)
Mike Reid's Glasses (N..n...n...Nudge Now!)
Phil the temporary tape contractor's hair
Anyone with a Syrup

Len Westoby
Matt Le Tissier

Steve Whibley
Harry Enfield's self righteous brother
Harry Enfield's character in the original Dime Bar commercial ("That bloke's a nutter")
'Gaylord' - Dick Emery's skinhead character (Roy Kinnear played his dad)
Alan Ball
Kevin Mcgonnigle
Dennis Law - the footballer
Gordon Durie - Rangers Striker

Mike Wilkins
Rutger Hauer

Danielle Williams
Cally (Grange Hill)
A young Helen Daniels (Neighbours)
Spotty (Superted's sidekick)
A young Steve Mariott (The Small Faces)

Dave Wolfenden
Phil Taylor WDC Darts World Champion 1997

Holger Wolmeyer
Timothy Claypole (Rentaghost)

Steve Wood
Smaller version of Mr.Meigh (Computer Science teacher at MGS)

Chris Wrigglesworth
Winston Churchill - (Picture of face in Daily Mirror.)
Francis Lee (Man City chairman)
The Lord Of Love (appears on Chris Evans' TFI Friday show on Channel 4)

Murray Wright
hurd.jpg (3675 bytes)

Douglas Hurd
Half of The Proclaimers
John Cole
Michael Douglas in Falling Down (The glasses and hair anyway!)
Bert or Burt from Sesame Street (Ernie's friend)
Buddy Holly
Clive Mantle (Dr Mike Barratt in Casualty)
Simon Groom (ex Blue Peter)
A young Larry Grayson
Statto (From Fantasy Football League)
Andrew Overton (See page 2 of February 1996 issue 3 The Horse's Mouth)


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