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Rob Jackson
Montgomery Burns (The Simpsons)
John Williams (Daily Mirror Political Editor)

Chris James
David Feherty
Richard Keys (Sky Sports)
Rodney Bewes (The Likely Lads)
Michael Douglas (Falling Down) - Are you sure???
Inspector Andrew Monroe (The Bill)

Dave Janman
Girl in Comedy Store last year - bit vague but a good likeness!
Chesney Hawkes
The blonde haired bloke on Blue Peter
Peter Schmiekel
Dominic Cork (England cricket star)
Gavin Hindle (Brother of Allan in Eldorado)
Vignette of the Princess Of Wales on back page of Mobil Health Matters
Martin Pyman

Tina Jeffery
Jan Francis (Secret Army, Just Good Friends, dish washing powder ad.)

Tina the gardner
Bjork (voice only...honestly you listen to the way she speaks !)

Joan (Security)
Jo Brand
Anne Widdecombe MP
Big Mamma from Tom and Jerry (legs only)
Bella Emberg (from Russ Abbot show)
Tray (one of the Fat Slags in Viz)
Both of the Fat Slags in Viz
Mr Creosote
Dawn French (as one of the fat blokes that shags the telly etc)
The Moose in the opening credits of Northern Exposure
Woman in advert 'Find a fold and F**K it' 0898 ........

John The Guard
John Higgins young Scottish snooker ace

Katie Jones
Lois Lane (The hair) from the new Superman series on the BBC
Mystic Meg
Woman on Abbey National ad (her first day at school)
Margaret Kelly (the hair)
Uma Thurman (Pulp Fiction)
Margaret Fjiord - Meridian Tonight reporter
Woman in The Knock on ITV (one of the customs people - name?)
Sue 'PGL' Morris (when viewed from the side)
Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal (I've got some loose change ....)

Phil Jones
Mark Lintott
Sicknote (London's Burning).
John Parrot too

Dave Judge (without glasses)
Andy Steggle (Meridian sports reporter)

Dave Judge (with glasses)
Eddie Potts

Steve Kape
Tony Blair too
Art Garfunkel too
Tony Dorigo (Leeds Left Back)
Des Barnes (Coronation Street)
James Caan in Stephen King's 'Misery'
Steve Davis (snooker player)

Anil Kaul
Javed Miandad (Pakistan cricketer)

kevink.jpg (2751 bytes)

Kevin Kerrigan
Kenneth Baker (former Home Secretary but with more hair & less brylcream)
Roy Orbison (only when he has his shades on)

Dan King
David Coulthard

Val Kirby
Sue Osman (Allie's wife in Eastenders)

Colin Kitchingham
Member of the Royal Family (Prince Andrew X Prince Edward)

Margaret Kelly
Joan Ferguson (Prisoner Cell Block H)

Samantha Knight
Betty Boop
Thelma (Bob's fiance in Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads)
Demi Moore (picture in the Sun looking flabby - same legs !)

Landlord at The Royal Oak
Geoff Capes
Nick Carter

Landlady at The Royal Oak
Judy Tzuke

Gwen Lazenby
Woman hitchhiker on Junction 2 sliproad of M2 (southbound) 04/02/96.
Holding a banner with thee words "University Charity Hitch-Hike
Please pick me up"
John Price (Welsh bowling star - former indoor world champion)
The Borg

Iain Levett
Tony Blair
Son of Tango Man
Lon Chaney Jr's Wolfman (hairstyle only)
Bloke on scooter in TSB advert
All the bar staff of The Golden Lion pub near Cuxton
Lionel Blair's hair
Quork (short big-eared alien in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Tom Hanks

Mark Lintott
Costantino Rocca (Runner up in '95 Open)
Michael Douglas in Falling Down (the emerging double chin anyway)
Phil Jones
Angela's father in My So Called Life - Channel 4 18:00 Wednesday's

Tony Lugard
Colin (Brittas Empire)

ryu.gif (3863 bytes)
Ryu (Street Fighter II)
Bill Oddie without a beard
Tim Neilson (ITN news presenter with vampire's haircut)
Malcolm Stringer (IBM)
Andrew Davis
Peter Lorre (Mr Moto)
Joan Of Arc's hair
Gaz Supergrass (but without longhair and sideburns)
Snowey (Irish odd job man in Eldorado)
Mr Ben
Cooter (Mechanic in The Dukes of Hazzard)
Pauline Quirke (Birds Of A Feather star after successful liposuction)
Peter - lifestyle tips guru from 'Fist Of Fun' comedy show
Nutter from 'Thunderbolt and Lightfoot' driving car with boot full of
white rabbits - which he then proceeds to let out and shoot.
A Criminal (with his new haircut)

Les Lynn
Roger Melly...the man on the telly (Viz)
Simon Bates (DJ)


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