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Ralph (Security)
Reg the Copper in 'Goodnight Sweetheart'
Tony Seeley

Mikala Randall
Rona (Bill's friend in 2 point 4 Children)

Marc Redmond
Mickey Rourke
Eddie Izzard
Morrissey's hair
Sergeant Bob Cryer's nose (The Bill)
One of The Tindersticks (see back cover of their 2nd LP)
Jack Duckworth

Phil Reed
Tom Selleck
Mehmet (Allie's brother in Eastenders)
Any 2nd hand car salesman
Corey Pavin (golfer)
Freddie Mercury (It's a Kinda Magic)
Steve Beaton (Darts player)
Kevin Hatton

Roger Richfield
Warren Clarke (actor currently starring Moving Story on ITV but sporting a 'tache)

Nick Robson
Toilet Man (i.e. the cleaner)

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Andy Routledge
King Louie (fat monkey in 'The Jungle Book')
Clyde (Orangutang in 'Every which way..' films)
Gorilla (Any from 'Gorillas in the mist')
DC Rod Scase (The Bill)
Terry Woods (barman in The Woolpack in Emmerdale)

John Rowerdink
Leslie Nielson
Commissioner Gordon (Batman)
Steve Martin
Bloke out of Mission Impossible (Peter Graves)

Celia Rudd
Miss Piggy (hair only)

Simon Russell
Sean or Shaun ? - manager of bookmakers in Coronation Street
Darren Cooper
Michael Stich too
Ian Ogilvy

Scottie (security)
Jon Kelly - Other bloke out of NYPD Blue
Rollins (Wing Commander III)
Huw Higginson (PC Garfield from The Bill)

Tony Seeley
Jean Luc Picard
Reg the copper from Goodnight Sweetheart too
Gramam Ellis MOCL Chairman (Page 2 of Horses Mouth, Feb 96 issue 3)

Leslie Shewan
Gwen Lockhead (Eldorado)

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Kevin Shorter
Ken Doherty (snooker player)
Ken Dodd (mainly on teeth and hair style!)
Jack (Butler's mate in 'On the Buses')
Any of Brady bunch kids
Sean O'Hagan The High Llamas (lead singer of crap band at Boo Radley's)
Dusty Mop (Hickory House - kiddies prog on ITV circa 1980)
Shirley Temple (when he had his curly perm!)
One of Kajagoogoo (but not Limahl - Nic Beggs?)
Moon Cat (another kiddies TV show)
Bloke driving the red Cavalier with the boot 12:06 19/4/95
Guitarist with Mud 70's glam faves
Lead singer of Dodgy
Droopy (hippy lion in The Banana Splits)
Michael Bolton's Hair
The Una-Bomber (American who has set off 15 bombs killing multiple people over the last 17 years and has agreed to kill no humans if the Washington Post print his manifesto regarding the industrial revolution ruining mankind).Only Known description White male Blond curly Hair.
Vitus Gerialitus (dead Argentinian tennis star)
Selina Scott
Rod Hull (of Emu fame)
F.A. Cup (in photo when very young)
Dum-Dum (dog from Touche Turtle)
Tommy (From the film 'Carrie')
Alan Davis (stand up comic)
Kid in current McDonalds happy meal advert. (In the last shot Kev is sitting on a bike on the far right of the picture)
Charles Hawtree (Carry on Cleo, Ceasers wifes father)

Nic Shread
DJ (Roseanne's son)
Eddie Munster
Any Scouser with funny curly hair from 'Brookside' or Harry Enfield
Raggerty (from Rupert - nasty bulb headed creature)
Bilbo Baggins
Skippy The Bush Kangaroo
The Hair Bear Bunch
The 'BEFORE' photograph in any hair colour restoring advert.
Jamie (Jamie and the magic torch)
Allan Hindle (Brother of Gavin in Eldorado)
Robbie Coltrane's hair (but grey) (more like Frank Skinners in style!)
Dopey (one of the seven dwarves)
Sandi Toksvig (comidienne and TV presenter)
Gripper Stebson's hair (Grange Hill) - but Nic is harder
James Powell

Nic Shread's Girlfriend
Any schoolgirl from Grange Hill.

Pete Southcombe
Terry Scott

Neil Spencer
Doug Mountjoy (also a snooker player)
Fat Bob (Paul Calf's best mate)
Bob Fat (Greek version of above)
Barney (The Simpsons)
Alison Moyet
Young soldier saying farewell to his French sweetheart in recent
Yellow Pages advert
Lou Carpenter (Neighbours)
Billy Dainty (music hallish/comedy star used to appear on Emu's
Broadcasting Company EBC1 with Bettina the House Maid etc)

Jeremy Spon
Fred Dineage (star of How)
Mahatma Ghandi
Les (Vic & Bob's assistant in Vic Reeves' Big Night Out)

Mark Stedman
Don Corleone the Godfather (see Mark's swipe card)
Uncle Ben from Uncle Ben's Rice (only when he has a good tan though)
Lou Noto
Tosh Lines ( The Bill )
Andy Sipowitz(Dennis Franz) - Bloke out of NYPD Blue (With slapper and tache)
John Scowan - bloke holding cheque on page 2 of March 1995 issue of
Mobil News (contributed by MPR and an absolute dead ringer for MHS!)
Frank Cannon
Desirable Male 45 (On VW Golf Match Ad)
Tango Man
John Ashton (American actor Beverly Hills Cops / Midnight Run)
Craig Stadler (American golfer known as 'The Walrus')
Bill Werbenuik (Canadian Drinker/Snooker star)
Hall Porter at Effingham Park
Cartoon character with questions on Client/Server Overview
Mr Tebbs (Mr Granger's replacement in Are You Being Served?)
Carlos The Jackel
Bunny (Eldorado)

Steve (Security)
Michael Fish

Andy Stevenson
Alastair Macgowan (comedian/impersonator - does a very good Ossie Ardiles)
Darren Cooper
Stan Laurel
Terry O'Connor
Pike (Dads Army)
Rodney Trotter
Malcolm Stringer
TESCO Security Guard (Grove Green)
Fido Dido (7 UP)
Holly Hunter in 'The Piano'
Jarvis Cocker (Pulp - again the body not the face!)
Angus Deaton
Dennis the Handyman (when his hair was short)
Kevin Whatley (particurlarly as Neville in Aufwiedersehen Pet)
Gary McAllister (Leeds Utd player)
Richard Cross ( probable killer in Murder One BBC2 Wednesdays 21:00)

June Stewart
Jan Leeming (Newscaster)

Robert Stiff
Gordon Brittas's hair
Geordie Le Forge (bloke in Star Trek with vision enhancer thing)
Theresa (Cleaning supervisor)
Mrs Tango Man
Jim Campbell
A mummified corpse

Phil Thomas
Terry Pratchett (Author)
Professor Calculus (Tintin)
Mr Myagi (Karate Kid Movies)
A Gnome
One of the seven dwarfs
Aker Bilk (jazz musician)
Jack Daniels (as in Jack Daniels whiskey - see poster in MEC's work station but wearing glasses)

Toilet Man (i.e. the cleaner)
Napoleon Bonaparte
Alan Else

David Tomkys
Charles Hawtrey (Carry On films etc)
Smithers (The Simpsons)
A young Michael Howard MP and Home Secretary

Juliet Tree
Lady Miss Kier Kirby (Lead singer of Deee-Lite)
A young Zoe Wannamaker (Actress)
Yoko Ono (only when wearing new tinted glasses though)
Ossie Osbourne (Big Breakfast 07/11/95)
Sian Lloyd (ITV weather girl)

Chris Troc.
Charlie Fairhead (Casualty)
Terry Griffiths
Acting DI Chris Deakin (The Bill)
Ravenelli (Juventus Footballer)
Mats Wilander (Swedish tennis player)
Julian Cope (particularly photo on page 49 of the NME 30/09/95)
Top Cat (only when asleep in ATL's dustbin)
Lord Patrick Lichfield (royal photographer)
Paul Nicholas (actor and singer etc.)
Burt Campbell (character in Soap)

Irene Turner
Roland Browning (Grange Hill)
Rosemary West (Serial Killer wife of Fred 'Serial Killer' West).
Dandy Nicholls (played Alf Garnetts wife etc.)
Without glasses - Roger Cook (The Cook Report)
Dave Whitcombe (quite good darts pro from a few years back)
Statto - Fantasy Football League


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