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Alan Else
Ralph Bates (sadly deceased actor star of Dear John sitcom and numerous Hammer horror films)
Brian Ferry (ish)
Fred Mumford (character from original Rentaghost)

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Andy Evans
Jolly Green Giant (If Jolly and painted Green!)
Incredible Hulk (If Muscular and painted Green!)
The farting and belching monster that Kelly LeBrock turns Chet into in 'Weird Science'
Nick Carter

Darryl Farley
Tony Robinson (Baldrick)
Ming the Merciless (with his goaty)
Joneses Love Child (the film 'Hard Times')
Touche turtle without the shell
Gonzo (The Muppets)
King Dong
Brad Pitt
Any great looking guy with a foot long penis ! (Updated by D. Farley)
Any penis.

Andrea Feigenspan
Tweaky (little robot from Buck Rogers - biddly biddly biddly)
Angus Deayton's wife in One Foot In The Grave
Pheobe Cates (Elizabeth in Drop Dead Fred)

Michelle Finnegan
Barbra Streisand
Monica Seles (tennis player)
Marilu Henner (starred in Taxi)

Kathryn Foote
Alanis Morissette (American pop star)
Woman pictured on Lenley's (a department store in Canterbury) advertising hoardings

Dave Francis (warehouse)
Felix from Felix and his amazing underpants (Viz)
Reg Hollis (The Bill)
Private Sponge (Dad's Army)

Lisa Frangimore
Toni Ashby (page 2 April 1995's Mobil News)
Hitchhiker on cover of Dinosaur Jr 'Green Mind' LP
Lorraine Chase
Captain Caveman
Crystal Gale (Sceptic country and westernish singer a few years ago)
Morticia Adams

Fred - part-time barman in Royal Oak
Jack 'How!' Hargreaves
Donald Sutherland

Dave Frost
Tefal Man (see vignette in 1993 MDSL annual review)
Rick Wright - Pink Floyd Pianist

Steve Fulton
Barry McGuigan
Hercules Poirot
Neo Spyrou (MOCy)

Neil Funnel (IBM)
Arthur Lowe (Captian Manwaring - Dads Army)

Dave Gadd
Kevin Keegan (a young version without the curly perm)
Toby Anstis (Children's BBC presenter)
Any short-arsed super-ambitious twerp such as Micheal J. Fox in The Secret of My Success
A very young Roy Castle

Brian Gerrard
Gerry Adams
Brian Keenan (hostage in Lebanon)
Nick Carter

Kris Gimp (tape room monkey)
Ralph (piano playing dog in the muppets)
Max Wall
John Travolta in Pulp Fiction

Paul Gladwell
Pithecanthropus - one of our early anscestors
Mobidoc (see back page of Mobil Health Matters!)
Joe Bugner (the boxer as he is today!)
Steve Davies (BP head of human resources page 6 'Sans Frontieres Special 4' July 1996)

Carol Grant
Agent Dana Scully (The X-Files)
The Mayor's Wife in 'Carry on Girls'
Dervla Kirwan (star of Ballykissangel)

Phil George
Peter Graves (Mission Impossible)

Rachael Grant
Tina Turner
Jimmy Hendrix
The artist formerly known as prince

Paul Greening
Benny from Crossroads (see photo in CDC's workstation)
Jeffery (Rainbow)
Bingo (the smiling gorilla in The Banana Splits)
Gazza - with his new haircut (or lack of it!)
Duncan Goodhew
Roy Castle (just before he died)
Divvo Johnson (nutty kid who used to go to my school) * who put this in? kxs
Billy Hayes - Dope smuggler.
Sally from Home And Away
Eddie Hitler (Bottom)

Bronwen Griffiths
Betty Williams nee Turpin (Coronation Street)

Steve Griggs
Referee in 'Legends of the Ring' (SNES boxing game)
Tim Nice But Dim
Mr. Brittas
Rob MacElwee (?) BBC weatherman
Pete Murphy from Bauhaus circa Maxell tape advert
Bloke looking up at woman on page 9 of Daily Sport - 20/5/95.
Chris Evans
Balls Brother no.2 (From the Balls Brother's disguise shop in The Pink Panther movies - when Steve is pissed and on the pull - according to NDS)
Mike Atherton (England cricket captain)
Duncan Thickett - Early character of Steve Coogan
Derek Guyler (Corky the P.C. in Sykes etc.)
Daniel Stern in 'City Slickers', the one with the crap wife and shags the little girl on checkout nine
Che Guevara (when Steve has his bits of a beard)
George Formby (top comedian and film star from the 30's/40's)

Mick Hall (DCS engineer with cropped hair and tache and nice jumpers)
A copper
The new look Phil Reed

Dennis (the) Handyman
Bob Hoskins

Liam Harber
Slim version of Tony Drago (snooker player)
Art Garfunkel
Martin Keown - Buttnal & England Defender

Pete Harcourt
Rolf Harris

David Harvey
Penfold (Dangermouse)
Stewart Steven (editor London Evening Standard)

Richard Hasset
Beaker (The Muppets)
Radovan Karadzic - Bosnian Serb Leader
Don King's hair
Ian Beale (with the tash in Eastenders)

Kevin Hatton
Sonny Bono (of Sonny and Cher)

Richard Hearnden
Reg Varney (On the buses)
Captain Pugwash
Fred West (Mass murderer)
Richard's colourful anorak - Joseph's amazing technicolour dreamcoat
David Dein (Arsenal vice chairman)
Member of FBI (When wearing his shades)
Peter Falk (in early Columbo Series)

Mike Hersey
Syd Little
Mr. You Don't Want To Do It Like That

Alan Hogg
Perry Mason

Martin Holness
John Solway - one of the bent coppers in Our Friends In The North

Louise Hubbard
Mrs Frank Bruno
Crystal Tips (Crystal Tips and Alistair cartoon - but in black & white)

Terry Hughes
Neil Morissey (Men Behaving Badly) - Doppelganger seen by LJHs wife
David Carradine in Kung Fu
Norman Tebbit
Person in the picture 'The Scream' - by Edvard Munch
Noel Gallagher - Oasis Guitarist
Incompetent junior doctor in new series of Casualty
Dope Dealer (In The Nepal Coffee Shop Amsterdam)

Alan Hunter
Lukewarm (from Porridge)
One of Yo La Tengo (American indie band)


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