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Bob Mallet
Harold Lloyd (needs a straw boater and rounder glasses though)

Stephan Mann
Arthur Smith (veteran stand up comic - see page 6 May/June Mobil News)
Parker (Thunderbirds)
Scottish metalwork teacher in Grange Hill
Jim Sweeney (at Comedy Store 29/10/95)
Mr Barraclough (Porridge)
David Vine (BBC sports presenter)

John Mayes
Welsh Pot Noodle man

Phil Mayes
Richard Claxton
Cecil Parkinson (Obviously the hair colouring is wrong)

Amanda McAllister
Girl in CINE5 advert (See MEC's dodgy Turkish Magazine)

Mark McAllister
Robbie Fowler (Liverpool Striker)

Craig McAteer
Gregor Fisher (Rab C. Nesbit)

Kevin McGonnigle
A young Mike Davison
Action Man's hair and eagle eyes
Phil Cool
Biff (Emmerdale)
Steve Whibley
NASA Flight Controller (Apollo13)

John Monkhouse
Mike Baker IBM engineer
Igor (Henry Frankenstein's deformed sidekick in 'The Bride Of
Frankenstein' - played by Bela Lugosi)

Andy Mulley
Tony Slattery + Paul Merton
Bloke with the eyes on Cue The Music
Lloyd Cole (Pop star)
The Vicar (Eldorado)
Evel Knievel
Kryton (square head when seen from the back)

Andy Murphy
Iain Dowie (West Ham)
Big version of Dewi Morris (English Rugby scrum-half)
Tall thin version of Dennis Betts (Wigan rugby league player)

Neil Murray
The other half of The Proclaimers
Entire family who once appeared on Telly Addicts
Chris Evans
Joe 90
Jim Davison
Gonch (Grange Hill)
Gordon Sherry (Scottish Amateur Golfer)
Matthew Corbett (of Sooty fame)
Bianca (EastEnders)
David Fairclough (Super Sub)
Stefan Eeckelaert(Belgium Darts Player)
A small section of Mick Hucknall's hair (Simply Red)
Cilla Black
Steve Davis (snooker player)
Spuggie (character in early series of Byker Grove)
Cheryl from Neighbours hair (Lou Carpenter's lover)
Tom King (former Tory defense secretary)
Mark Wright (Liverpool defender) - especially with goaty.
Man being handed a canoe (back page of the Horses Mouth,Feb 96 issue 3)
Rod Hull - as portrayed on 'Fist Of Fun'
Marti Caine
Spud (from the film 'Trainspotting')
Bamber Gascoigne (formerly of University Challenge)

Ann Naylor
Patsy Rowlands (actress in loads of things incl some Carry On's)

Nigel (OSG)
Nigel (Eastenders)

Lou Noto
Anton Mossiman
Lotus Notes
Super Mario

Brian Novelle
Dermot Murnaghan (ITN news reader)

Chris Nutt

lombardo.jpg (3194 bytes)
Lombardo (Italian football player)
Toto Schillaci (Italian football player)
Steve Agnew (Another balding football player)
Mark Atkins (Blackburn football player)
Gianluca Vialli(Hairless Italian footballer)
Mel Smith
Max Wall
Colina (Bald Italian referee)
Marco Pantani (Italian cyclist)
Burt Reynolds (without his syrup)
Mr Rumbold (Are You Being Served)
George Dawes from Shooting Stars (the man with the scores - he's just a great big baby)
Ray Wilkins (QPR Player manager)
Terry Nutkins
Terry Duckworth (recently returned to Coronation Street)
Fred MacAulay (Scottish comedian)

Terry O'Connor
The flash guy in the BMW in the Abbey National Ad (the one with the woman starting the new teaching job)

Kemi Oduko
Mrs Boris Becker

Tony Outtridge
Mr Davenport (grey coiffure only - foppish Victorian ghost in original Rentaghost)
Casper (the friendly ghost)

garyp.jpg (3596 bytes)

Gary Pallin
Gary Barlow (Take That)
Topof the Monkey (from Pipkins an ITV kiddies prog from late 70's to mid 80's but only when leaning over NDM's workstation with a banana!)
Stuart Worker (Bloke tackling Arthur Smith - p6 May/June Mobil News)
Steve White (Paul Wellers Drummer)
Reg Presley (of The Troggs)
Conchita Martinez (in this year's Wimbledon)

Steve Parker
A youngish Alfred Hitchcock
Oliver Hardy
Boss Hogg (The Dukes of Hazzard)
The friendly one-eyed 'hulk' in 'The Goonies'
Roy Chubby Brown
Divine (not in drag)
Sega Man (stuffing semolina in a vacuum cleaner)
A wise old owl (on account of age, general appearance and knowledge of everything!)
Mr Granger (Are You Being Served)
Ludwig (old BBC cartoon about a large musical egg with arms and legs)
Elma Thudd
Friar Tuck (or any other friar/ Brother Parker)

Nicola Payne
Beverley Crusher (Star Trek:TNG)

Tom Payne
Richard Stilgoe

Dan Peake (Tape room monkey)
Dave Rowntree - the Ginger drummer out of Blur
Neil Murray

Ian Peake
An older, shorter Nick Faldo (Golfer)

Bob Philpotts
Abraham Lincoln
Egyptian Pharoah
Adam the gardener -gardening cartoon strip in Sunday Express
The entire cast of 'The Life of Brian'
Les The Barman (Harry Enfield)

PM Engineer (tallish with frizzy dark hair and bushy tache)
Jeremy Cherfas (animal expert who used to appear on a number of shows)

Jill Pope
Alison Fisher (snooker ace)

Tony Pope
Mick Jagger
Johnny Ramone (The Ramones guitarist)
Spock (From the side and not including the ears)
Channel 4 Racing presenter (Not Brough Scott or John McCririck)
Susan George

Eddie Potts
Peter Butterworth (Carry Ons)
Seth Pecksniff - Bloke out of Martin Chuzzlewit
Henry (Drop The Dead Donkey)
Dave Judge
Ian McCaskill (weatherman)
Graham Lister (Bob Mortimer character from Vic Reeve's Big Night Out)
Richard Whiteley (Countdown)
The Anorak Man (Children's BBC)
Postman Pat
John Burridge (Man City reserve goalie)
The dippy looking security guard (Bert)
Rosemary West (BBC news court artist's sketch of mass murderer's mass murdering wife!)
Om (one of the Bolu tribe in The Land that Time Forgot)
Counter worker in Maidstone Post Office
Jacques Arnold (soon to be ex TORY MP of Gravesham)

Simon Price

ehonda.gif (3236 bytes)
E. Honda (Streetfighter II)
Taxi Driver in Oasis advert
Bloke dancing in the Virgin 105.8 ad's (Next time he's naked !)
John Daly (British Open golf champion)
Mini version plays tennis at 'Y' centre.
Marilyn - Northern Exposure
Drummer with Tallulah Gosh (seminal late 80's anorak band)
Butterbean - rather large American Boxer
Phil Jupitus (comedian)


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