So what are Doppelgangers? About five years ago we were trying to cheer ourselves up on a long night-shift. Strange things happen in the early ours of the morning, and we came up with this. Its a collection of people I've worked with past and present and their famous (or not so famous) lookalikes. These pages are mainly of interest to people who worked at MDSL. But if you're involved in the UK computing industry you might find someone you know in here, particularly those damned contractors who seem to get everywhere. Some of the pics are now active, place your mouse cursor over 'em and see what happens. The list has remained static for a while now - come on everyone, there must somebody you want to add?

Due to its size, Doppelgangers has been split into several parts. Everything is indexed by surname.  If there's somone you feel should be added, now you can submit your own 'gangers too.

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Disclaimer: Doppelgangers is not only my work, contributions were made from more than 20 other colleagues past and present. This article is not intended to offend. If you do take offence to this article then best you go get a sense of humour - you could always try complaining to me at: